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Changing body proportions from infancy to adulthoodGrowth: relationship between standing height and lung volume changes

Body proportions change from birth to the end of the adolescent growth spurt (ref. 1). On this account conventional linear regression equations for lung volumes, even after logarithmic transformation, are not satisfactory for the age range from early childhood to early adulthood.

In Europe, the prediction equations used most often are probably those of Zapletal, and in the United States of America those of Polgar (ref. 2). Neither is quite satisfactory over the entire 6-18 yr age range, which can be demonstrated by findings in 1189 Dutch boys aPower functions correctly describe ventilatory function in children and adolescentsnd girls. In both boys and girls predicted values are systematically too high, and somewhat too low at about the start of the adolescent growth spurt with either of these popular sets of prediction equations. The trend cannot be remedied by modifying the constants in the respective equations; it is due to the fact that only standing height is taken into account in these models. It would seem that in one way or another account should also be taken of age or sexual maturity (ref. 2).

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Ref. 1 - Changing relationship between height and volume

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Ref. 2 - References

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