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FIVC - forced inspiratory vital capacity

Forced inspiratory vital capacityThe volume change of the lung between a maximal expiration to residual volume and a full inspiration to total lung capacity. The measurement is performed during forceful inhalation; the preceding maximal exhalation need not be performed forcefully. The volume assessed is the forced inspiratory vital capacity (FIVC).

At the present time forceful exhalations and inspirations are often performed in immediate succession, so that maximal expiratory and inspiratory flow-volume curves can be recorded. It matters in which order the maneuvers are performed. In a patient with pronounced airway obstruction an FIVC performed after an FVC maneuver almost invariably leads to the FIVC being larger than the FVC. If the order is reversed the FIVC and FVC are about the same: the FIVC assessed immediately after an FVC maneuver should therefore not go on record as an IVC.

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