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Subdivision of lung volumes - total lung capacity
VT tidal volume during normal, quiet breathing
ERV expiratory reserve volume
FRC functional residual capacity
EVC expiratory vital capacity
IVC inspiratory vital capacity
TLC total lung capacity

TLC - total lung capacity

The total lung capacity, i.e. the volume of gas contained in the lung after a full inhalation, is determined by a number of factors:

A restrictive ventilatory defect is associated with a diminished TLC, a very compliant lung with an enlarged TLC. An increased TLC is also observed in children who had asthma from childhood on (ref. 1), or who were born and raised at altitude. In adults the TLC is unaffected by age (ref. 2).

Ref. 1 - Large lungs and childhood asthma

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Ref. 2 - Longitudinal behavior of spirometric indices

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