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Subdivision of lung volumes - residual volume
VT tidal volume during normal, quiet breathing
ERV expiratory reserve volume
FRC functional residual capacity
EVC expiratory vital capacity
IVC inspiratory vital capacity
TLC total lung capacity

RV - residual volume

The volume of the lung after maximal exhalation started from the functional residual capacity.

In patients with airway obstruction an FVC maneuver usually ends at a higher lung volume than a maximal expiration started from FRC level; only in the latter instance should end-expiratory volume be called RV.

RV grows faster than TLC in adolescents
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2 DeGroodt EG, van Pelt W, Borsboom GJJM, Quanjer PhH, van Zomeren BC. Growth of lung and thorax dimensions during the pubertal growth spurt. Eur Respir J 1988, 1, 102-108.

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