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Validation of GLI-2012 prediction equations for spirometry, and software



The Quanjer GLI-2012 predicted values have been validated in 3 studies [1-3].


Two kinds of (free) software are available to generate predicted values according to the Quanjer GLI-2012 reference equations:

  1. Software for calculating predicted values for an individual
    This software is available as a desktop program for Windows systems, and in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Software for transforming large datasets so that predicted values, lower limit of normal and z-scores are added to the data. This free software is similarly available as a desktop application for Windows systems, and as an Excel spreadsheet.

The software can be downloaded from

Implementing Quanjer GLI-2012 equations in software by manufacturers

In addition, spirometer manufacturers have implemented the GLI-2012 equations in their software, or are in the process of doing so. Information is to be found at


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  2. Hall GL, Thompson BR, Stanojevic S, et al. The Global Lung Initiative 2012 reference values reflect contemporary Australasian spirometry. Respirology 2012;17:1150–1151. Manuscript
  3. Bonner R, Lum S, Stocks J, Kirkby J, Wade A, Sonnappa S. Applicability of the Global Lung Function spirometry equations in contemporary multi-ethnic children. Research letter accepted for publication in Am J Respir Crit Care Med.
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