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Software for interpreting pulmonary function

Please note the following:

If you are a layman in medicine, do not download the software. Here is why. If you know nothing or very little about medicine, meddling about with medical information is not going to do you or anyone else any good.

A good doctor acts on all the information available, not just on laboratory findings such as the results of pulmonary function tests. Therefore software cannot possibly replace a doctor. Computer generated assessments of lung function tests should therefore be carefully weighed against other information by a professional user, who remains the sole person responsible for the patient. Doctors know that additional information may shed an entirely different light on a medical case.

By using the software you implicitly accept that it is the end user who decides what use to make, if any, of the computer generated assessments. You also accept that the software is provided on an 'as is' basis.

If you have only visited the Dutch part of the site, do study the basics first.

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