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Oral or inhaled corticosteroids, on account of their anti-inflammatory properties, may be useful in ascertaining the maximum achievable level of FEV1 in a patient (ref. 1).

Effective treatment with corticosteroids improves the level of FEV1, and this affects the response to shortacting bronchodilators (view experimental data in the animation). It also attenuates the maximal airway narrowing that may occur on exposure to bronchoconstricting agents, so that anti-inflammatory treatment diminishes the risk of lifethreatening bronchoconstriction (ref. 2).

In patients with COPD corticosteroids improve the post-bronchodilator FEV1 and bronchial responsiveness to a small extent. Also there is a some reduction in the number of exacerbations and in quality of life, but no effect on the rate of change of FEV1 (ref.3).

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